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Venstar T1700 Residential Programmable Comfort Call Thermostat combo Kit

Operation with noncompliant peripherals or peripherals not recommended by Venstar, is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. We, Venstar, declare under our sole responsibility that the device to which this declaration relates: Complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is Page 4: Glossary Of Terms Glossary of Terms Auto-Changeover: A mode in which the thermostat will turn on the heating or cooling based on room temperature demand. Cool Setpoint: The warmest temperature that the space should rise to before cooling is turned on without regard to deadband.

Deadband: The number of degrees the thermostat will wait, once a setpoint has been reached, before energizing heating or cooling. It will also show the high and low readings of the day.

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Only use your finger tip to press the touchscreen buttons. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the screen.

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Select automatic setup and press NEXT. Follow on screen instructions to create an account and add a The start time for each time period is adjustable. The stop time for each time period is Schedule the start time for the next period. The Time Period may also be Enabled or Disabled. Press to view and reset current alerts. The display is active for 3 minutes after last touch, it then goes Idle.

Screen Cleaning Screen Cleaning Mode disables the touch feature for 15 seconds so the screen may be cleaned without altering any settings.

Use a soft cloth without solvents or abrasive cleaners Touch Calibration Under normal circumstances, the touchscreen should not need to be calibrated. User Interface Themes ocean This thermostat has several high quality background themes to choose from.

NOTE: At 7pm, the background will change to an evening scene and the moon will replace the sun. Clear Vacation Schedule Removes the stored vacation schedule.

Page Auto Screenlock Main Menu Buttons - Security S ecurity s ettings m ay be s et to lim it or prevent changes to your therm os tat. Information My Thermostat View your thermostat dip switch settings, equipment status, runtimes, and other settings. Last 7 Days - Cooling Press the information icon to learn more about each graph The name is displayed on the Home Screen. Compressor Stages 1h1c Only available when Up to 2 compressors. Additionally, the thermostat is wired in a different manner for this feature to function properly.Connect compatible thermostats and wireless sensors to WiFi and create profiles for easy installation.

The Slimline Platinum Series offers the proven reliability and flexibility of Venstar thermostats. Home Thermostats. Slimline 3 Residential - 3 Commercial and 1 School Model. Small Series 2 Residential 2 Commercial. FlatStat 3 Residential 3 Commercial. Value Series 2 Residential 2 Commercial. Skyport Mobile Control your Venstar WiFi connected thermostat from across the couch, or across the world. Configurator Connect compatible thermostats and wireless sensors to WiFi and create profiles for easy installation.

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Slimline Thermostat The Slimline Platinum Series offers the proven reliability and flexibility of Venstar thermostats. Product Overview Elegant Design with simple and efficient controls. Model TSCH is designed specifically for the school environment. Slimline Commercial Standard Features 3 configurable outputs for maximum flexibility Heat pump compatible Backlit, color-coded keys and legends Large, easy to read backlit display Configurable programmable or non-programmable Configurable manual or auto changeover Configurable manual or auto changeover LED indicator glows green or red to indicate cooling or heating Service filter and UV light indicators Fahrenheit or Celsius display Non-volatile memory Keypad lock Accepts the humidity module accessory Accepts the EZ Programmer Accessory Random Start.

All rights reserved.Connect compatible thermostats and wireless sensors to WiFi and create profiles for easy installation. When the safety opens, the furnace shuts off the burners and disconnects the 24VAC to the thermostat causing the thermostat clock to stop. In order to cool down the heat exchanger, the furnace blower will remain energized for approximately 15 minutes before restoring power to the thermostat and, if there is still a call for heating, allowing the furnace to re-energize.

In this situation homeowner may never notice a problem, except that the clock will be off by the number minutes power was disconnected. Correction: Determine what is causing the high temperatures to occur - dirty filter, etc. Any information entered prior to this reset may be permanently lost.

The memory of the thermostat needs to be reset to factory defaults in order to clear any errant settings. Release both buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

If some, but not all, of your buttons are locked out, then you will need to disable the security setting. If it is not flashing, the remote sensor reading is not being displayed. This is an unshielded cable with four twisted pairs of 24 gauge solid wire; DO NOT use stranded cable.

The cable length should not exceed feet. If less than 75 feet of cable is required to connect the thermostat to the Remote Sensor, a three conductor thermostat cable gauge may be used; this cable is NOT suitable for any length greater than 75 feet. Do not run sensor wiring in the same conduit as the 24VAC thermostat wiring.

How To Test \u0026 Replace A Thermostat, Step By Step tutorial.

Electrical interference may cause the sensor to give incorrect temperature readings. If calibration is required, please contact a trained HVAC technician to correctly perform the following procedure.

Please note that not all thermostats support the remote sensor calibration feature. Place your temperature probe next to the remote sensor in order to determine the correct temperature. Once you have determined the correct temperature reading, follow the calibration steps below:. Then press the MODE button one or two times until the current room temperature appears.It is easy and simple to install.

Reference Engr Drawings. Discuss in the Forums user community input. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Frequently bought together:. Select all Add selected to cart. Quick view.

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It has been replaced with T please contact us if this recommended replacement is not quite what you need. Manufacturer Part Number Add to Cart. Manufacturer Part Number: T The Venstar T is user-friendly design that lets you easily control your home evironment. Comfort Call lets you adjust thermostat settings before you get there. What could be more convenient? Whether you are heading for home or a vacation home, a quick call to Comfort Call allows you to Elegant Design with simple and efficient controls.

Key Features1-Day Customers Also Viewed Call for Availability. Call for Availability. This thermostat expands your Manufacturer Part Number: T Venstar T is a small and compact digital programmable thermostat with advanced features.

Can be remotely controlled with the Skyport Mobile app, voice control It features new gorgeous themes perfect for any holiday or This thermostat enables homeowners to remotely adjust It provides 3 input terminalsHere, you can find the troubleshooting instructions for a few popular Venstar thermostat models.

A manual will help you to define the problems and possible reason of failure and fix the technical issues on your own. The Heating does not attempt to turn on The heating setpoint is set too high, the Mode Switch is not set for Heat, the batteries are too weak, or the Aux Heat Switch is set for Emergency. Difficulty viewing LED Turn off room lights. Hold a piece of white paper at a degree angle up against wall just below the thermostat. This will act as a reflector making the LED must easier to see.

The controller may have dropped out of linking mode or linked to another device. Try relinking thermostat to the controller. Large appliances, such as refrigerators or air conditioners, may be producing electrical noise on the powerline.

Install a powerline noise filter FilterLinc to filter electrical noise and minimize signal attenuation. Thermostat is taking a long time to respond to a controller. The controller may be sending commands to a responder that is no longer in use. Commands for the unused responder are being resent and loading down the signal. Unlink any unused responders from the controller. HINT: If you are using home automation software such as HouseLinc, you can easily check scene membership and eliminate unnecessary links.

Monitor for recurrence and remove reason if you can determine what it is. If necessary perform a factory reset Thermostat is locked up. Excessive RF noise on may have caused a lock-up. Perform a factory reset. SYMPTOM: CAUSE: REMEDY: The air conditioning does not attempt to turn on The cooling setpoint is set too high lower the cooling setpoint limit The heating does not attempt to turn on The heating setpoint is set too low raise the heating setpoint limit When controlling a residential heat pump, and asking for cooling, the heat comes on Heat pump is not selected "on" in the Advanced Setup Select heat pump on during Advanced Setup programming When calling for cooling, both the heat and cool come on The Advanced Setup is configured to control a heat pump, and the hvac the thermostat is controlling is a "conventional" non heat pump system turn off the heat pump.

Push the thermostat back onto the backplate, while keeping your finger pressed firmly against the center of the touchscreen, until the Calibration screen appears. The air conditioning does not attempt to turn on The cooling setpoint is set too high Lower the cooling setpoint or lower the cooling set-point limit The heating does not attempt to turn on The heating setpoint is set too low Raise the heating setpoint or raise the heating set-point limit. Search for:.

The backplate of the thermostat is screwed too tightly into a wall that is not perfectly flat.

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The cooling setpoint is set too high, the Mode Switch is not set for Cool, the batteries are too weak, or the Aux. Heat Switch is set for Emergency. The heating setpoint is set too high, the Mode Switch is not set for Heat, the batteries are too weak, or the Aux Heat Switch is set for Emergency.

Another controller, a timer or stray X10 signals could have triggered thermostat. If necessary perform a factory reset. When controlling a residential heat pump, and asking for cooling, the heat comes on. The Advanced Setup is configured to control a heat pump, and the hvac the thermostat is controlling is a "conventional" non heat pump system. Remove the thermostat from the backplate.

Re-calibrate the touchscreen. Air handler control board fuse blows when thermostat is attached to backplate with power on, but does not blow until the thermostat is placed onto the backplat. The compressor timer lockout mav prevent the air conditioner from turning on, for a period of time.Join in, make friends and discuss snooker betting.

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Venstar Residential T7900 Owner's Manual & Installation Manual

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